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Myths and Molars - Picking the Perfect Toothbrush

  • Nov 26, 2014
The road to a perfect smile can be a trepidatious one. Filled with mis-information, fad and pearly peer pressure; your quest for that stunningly great grin has more than likely been riddled with potholes along the way. In this, our first blog post; let us then arm you with five easy tooth truths to point you in the right direction for selecting your front line of defense against tooth decay and...Read more

The Importance of Having your Wisdom Teeth Removed

  • Oct 24, 2014
The wisdom teeth are the last teeth grow. They grow at the back of your gums, and most commonly 4 teeth grow in each corner of your mouth. By the time your wisdom teeth grow in, your other adult teeth are usually in place resulting in incorrect placement or no space for your wisdom teeth to grow in properly.Wisdom teeth that do not fully break through the surface of the gums or that may have been...Read more
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